Robbie & Bria’s Camp Hale Wedding

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Robbie and Bria’s love story was never boring – and neither would their wedding be.

The two first met on a Spring Break trip to Florida during college, where mutual friends introduced them. Robbie, a musician, was a Virginia native, while dancer Bria called the mountains of Vail, Colorado home. Despite their Spring Break adventure together, it took one more fateful encounter for the two to recognize their connection – and that came three years later, in Washington D.C.

They spent another four years growing to know and love each other, traveling across the country to pursue adventures at some of the most remarkable natural wonders of the country. One day, Robbie took Bria to the breathtaking Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia for a peaceful hike – and, to ask her an important question.

After deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, the two returned to Vail to make their commitment in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Camp Hale

When it came time to choose a venue for their small wedding, Robbie and Bria decided on Camp Hale, an “off-the-beaten-path” campground nestled between the small mountain town of Red Cliff and the city of Leadville.

Because Bria had grown up in Vail, she and many of her family and friends knew of Camp Hale; however, most of the local guests knew the spot as a place for camping and recreation, rather than for a wedding.

The private camp is located on 90 acres of mountains, meadows, and lakes in the White River National Forest. Despite it’s remote location, the spectacular natural beauty of the area has caused it to grow in popularity as a wedding venue, for both locals and those seeking a private destination wedding or elopement.

As it turned out, the remote wilderness was a wedding gift of it’s own. To ensure the wedding was perfectly planned and coordinated, the couple hired Gemini Event Planning to run the show.

“Camp Hale is one of my favorite venues!” Gemini Events owner Jennifer exclaims, “Amazing views, and the most private location you can ask for.  Its like you have a whole valley to yourself.” Isolated and out of cell range, Camp Hale is the perfect place for an “unplugged” wedding. As Jennifer explains, it keeps guests in the moment, and allows them to focus on simply enjoying the day and celebrating a couple’s love.

And that’s exactly what Robbie and Bria wanted.

The Wedding Day

Camp Hale’s rustic lodge provided the wedding parties with comfortable and private quarters in which to dress and prepare for the ceremony. Bria’s stunning, intricate gown drew a sharp contrast to the rough-hewn logs, for the perfect wedding dress shots that she could treasure forever. While dressing for the wedding, Bria and her bridesmaids donned flannel button down shirts, reflecting the simplicity of the camp and mountain life.

As the guests arrived, they followed the custom signs laid against a beautiful, sea-foam green Porsche – a wedding gift from Bria’s grandfather which had to be incorporated into the wedding!

Although remote, the natural beauty of the camp means there are no shortage of picturesque locations for photo shoots and first looks – from Aspen-filled forests, to mountaintop vistas, to star-studded skies.

Robbie’s first look at his bride was the essence of what possibly every romantic heart dreams of – a sunlit meadow atop Resolution Pass, blooming with wildflowers as far as the eye can see, accented by the backdrop of the rugged Colorado Rockies.

Rain & Rainbows

However, every wedding has its surprises. In the Rockies, that surprise is often the weather.

“One of the best things about getting married in Colorado is the natural beauty,” Gemini Event planner Jennifer explains, “but with that comes surprises – like unexpected rain!”

As the nuptials drew near, a few storm clouds did too, and it began to rain on the small private island in the middle of the camp’s lake, where the ceremony was to take place. Luckily for Robbie and Bria, as an experienced planner, Jennifer and her team were prepared with a plan B…and a plan C.

Recalling the change in weather, Bria remembers, “I started to panic a little when the rain started, but every time I looked at Jeni she was so calm, cool and collected, I was able to relax. It allowed me to enjoy my moments before the ceremony, and everything turned out perfect!”

“Colorado storms usually move fast and pass through quickly,” Jennifer notes, “so the couple and wedding party enjoyed some champagne in the on site cabins, and the guests enjoyed mingling in the Camp Hale lodge, where they could enjoy the unmatched views as the storm passed.”

When the sun reappeared, the wedding coordinators swiftly dried the seats and ensured the ceremony location was picture perfect. As the rain dried up, the couple was blessed with the first of many happy surprises: a rainbow, christening the beginning of their life together.

The Ceremony

Camp Hale’s small, private lake accommodates parties of up to 300. Robbie and Bria’s small, intimate wedding allowed them to take full advantage of this, and they chose to say “I do” on the lake’s grassy island in front of the mountain backdrop.

When the time came for Bria’s entrance, her father surprised her with the sweetest of gestures – a sapphire blue pedi-cab, which he used to pedal her across the lawn and bridge before delivering her to the altar where her groom waited.

The Reception

Once Robbie and Bria sealed the deal, it was time to celebrate.

The reception was held in Camp Hale’s white event tent, which boasts wall-to-wall windows and was accented with strings of lights and suspended foliage. As a musician, Robbie was especially excited for Tunisia, a dance band and entertainment group well-known in Denver for their presence and energy.

The band did not disappoint.

Jennifer remembers the pure joy of the reception. “Robbie and Bria are just fun!  Robbie sings in a band, and is a natural entertainer who is warm to be around and makes everyone laugh. Bria, like most Colorado women, is active and adventurous!”  

Combining Robbie’s love of music with Bria’s passion for dance, the newlywed lovers’ first dance was a choreographed one they prepared as a surprise for their guests. It had been one of the wedding elements they had practiced and anticipated the most. “They had so much fun practicing for it outside the tent under the stars, until the big moment came,” Jennifer recalls.

After their debut, the guests joined the dancing, and the party was on. Complete with games and laughter, the reception was the perfect way for Robbie and Bria to celebrate their new life with their loved ones.

While the reception carried on, the couple escaped for some private sunset shots. They couldn’t have chosen a better place or moment. As the light dwindled, shades of purple, soft blue, indigo, and pink stretched across the sky, reflecting off of the lake’s surface and setting of the white attire of the newlyweds.

In their final shot for the evening, the stars peeked out from behind the clouds as the two looked into each other’s eyes, ready to begin their lives together.

Robbie and Bria’s wedding was captured by Gillespie Photography. See more of their photos here.

To learn more about planning a wedding at Camp Hale, contact Gemini Event Planning.